Clingan "Goldie" Telecaster

by Clingan Guitar Tone


The Clingan "Goldie" Telecaster, with its gold sparkle nitrocellulose finish, is a dazzling incarnation of one of the most iconic guitar designs in history. This particular model is a standout, not just for its eye-catching finish that captures the light and the imagination, but also for its commitment to quality and tone. The gold sparkle nitrocellulose not only gives this guitar a vintage flair but also enhances its resonance, allowing the natural tone of the wood to sing through with clarity and warmth.

At the heart of this guitar's sonic arsenal is a single handwound Filtertron pickup, renowned for its crisp, articulate sound that can range from clean, shimmering tones to gritty, overdriven textures. This choice of pickup is a nod to the guitar's versatility, perfectly complementing its aesthetic with a sound that's as rich and detailed as the finish is vibrant. Whether it's jazz, blues, rock, or country, the Filtertron pickup ensures that every note and chord is imbued with a unique character, making this guitar not just a pleasure to play, but a tool for musical expression.

The neck is a masterpiece in its own right, crafted from a single piece of solid Brazilian Rosewood. This choice of material is not only luxurious but also contributes significantly to the guitar's overall tone, offering a smooth, fast playing experience that's unmatched. The dense nature of Brazilian Rosewood provides exceptional sustain and a rich tonal complexity that complements the guitar's construction and electronics. This blend of visual splendor, distinctive tone, and unparalleled playability makes this a coveted instrument, embodying the spirit of innovation and tradition.

Finish: Nitrocellulose Gold Sparkle
Body Material: Two-piece Kauri Pine
Neck Material: Brazillian Rosewood
Neck Profile: C shape
Neck Thickness: 1st - .87”(22.2mm) & 12th - .91”(23.3mm)
Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"
Nut Width: 1-11/16” (42.5mm)
Scale Length: 25.5"
Neck Details: One-piece rosewood neck and fingerboard and clay dot inlays. Dunlop 6105 Fretwire
Electronics: Clingan vintage spec filtertron, CTS pots and Oak Grisby switch and jack, Vintage .047 capacitor, VOL/TONE configuration.
Pickup Measurements: Bridge: 4.66kΩ
Hardware: Gotoh tuners, bone nut, Gotoh bridge.
Weight: 3.33kg (7 lbs 5 oz)
Case Details: SKB Case

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