Fender Telecaster 1954 - Blonde with Black Pickguard

by Clingan Guitars


Step into the realm of guitar legends with this 1954 original Blonde Fender Telecaster, a quintessential piece of rock ‘n’ roll heritage. Its striking butterscotchy finish has gracefully aged, adorned with a history-rich patina that whispers tales of countless gigs and smoky sessions. The resonant ash body, coupled with a worn maple neck, delivers that iconic Tele twang and bite, capturing the soul of the 50s with every note. While the tone and volume pots aren’t original, the 1965 tone pot and the 1963 volume pot seamlessly integrate into this Tele’s storied life, adding unique character.
Under the hood, this Telecaster’s single-coil pickups bring the bright, spanky clarity that made it a legend, delivering crystalline highs and a warm, dynamic midrange. The maple neck, smooth and inviting, has been molded by years of passionate playing, and the fretboard invites you to explore every nook and cranny of its storied past. This Tele isn't just a relic; it's a living, breathing testament to Fender’s craftsmanship and the relentless spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.
Complementing this vintage masterpiece is a 90s poodle case, a snug and stylish sanctuary for your treasured Telecaster. Though not period-correct, this case adds a dash of retro charm and reliable protection, ensuring that your guitar is ready for the next chapter in its illustrious journey. At Clingan Guitar Tone, we celebrate the quirks and histories that make each guitar unique, and this 1954 Blonde Telecaster is no exception. With its captivating blend of original and era-spanning components, it stands as a beacon of rock history, waiting for its next custodian to continue its legacy of unparalleled tone and timeless style. Plug in, and let this Telecaster transport you to a world where every chord tells a story, and every riff echoes the spirit of a bygone era.
Please see the footage of the Telecaster in action! 

Finish: Blonde
Body Material: Ash
Material: Maple
Neck Profile: Very Slight V
Neck Thickness: 
1st Fret 22.9mm / 0.9"
12th Fret 24.59mm / 0.97"

Fingerboard Radius: 7.25"
Nut Width: 41mm / 1 5/8"
Scale Length: 25.5"
Neck Details: One piece maple construction.  
Electronics: All original par a 1965 CTS Tone Pot and 1963 Stackpole 
Pickup Measurements: 
Neck 7.71K 
Bridge 7.23K
Hardware: Original '53 Spec.
Weight: 3.4

Case Details: Comes with 90's Poodle Case

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