Clingan Thinline Jaguar

by Clingan Guitar Tone


The Boutique Clingan Thinline Jaguar in a three-tone sunburst nitrocellulose finish is a meticulously crafted instrument that stands out as a modern interpretation of a beloved classic. The sunburst finish, with its seamless gradient of dark to light hues, beautifully highlights the unique contour of the cedar body topped with a maple cap, creating a visual and tonal masterpiece. This nitrocellulose coating not only enhances the guitar's vintage aesthetic but also allows the wood to resonate more freely, producing a rich, full sound with an organic feel.

Under the hood, this Clingan Jaguar features a set of handwound '60s spec Jaguar pickups, designed to authentically replicate the distinctive tones that made the original models so revered. These pickups provide the crisp, bright attack expected from a Jaguar, but with a warmth and clarity that can only come from expert winding and carefully selected materials. Whether it’s surf rock, punk, or something more experimental, these pickups offer the dynamic range to explore a multitude of genres, making this guitar a versatile choice for serious musicians.

The guitar’s neck, crafted from solid maple, complements the cedar and maple body both visually and sonically. The maple neck contributes a snappy response and tight articulation, enhancing the guitar’s overall sustain and stability. The combination of these woods, along with the precision craftsmanship, makes the Clingan Thinline Jaguar not only a powerful tool for musical expression but also a durable instrument built to withstand the rigors of touring and recording. This guitar, with its blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary functionality, is a prime example of what a modern boutique instrument can be, offering both style and substance in equal measure.

Finish: Three-Tone Sunburst
Body Material: Reclaimed Western Red Cedar with Flamed Maple Cap 
Neck Material: Maple 
Neck Profile: 60's "C"
Neck Thickness: 1st: 0.91" (22.8mm) 12th: 0.92 (23.3mm)
Fingerboard Radius:9.5"
Nut Width: 1 9/16" (39.6mm)
Scale Length: 24"
Neck Details: Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard, handmade clay dot inlays
Electronics: Classic Jaguar wiring scheme
Pickup Measurements: 6.36k (Neck) 6.95k (Bridge)
Hardware: Kluson Tuners, Mustang bridge, Mastery polished vibrato
Weight: 3.59kg (7lb 14oz)
Case Details: SKB

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